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Bombshell Beauty

A beautiful brush set of 10 pieces in an elegant bag and with pink handles.
The hairs are Made with ultra-soft synthetic fibers.
These brushes were shaped in an expert way to help you apply your powders, liquids, and creams easily.
AUD 58.00

Eye Slay 6-Piece Brush Collection

Six essential synthetic and natural eye brushes in an attractive lux case Get the look you desire with these professional brushes that are designed to deliver the right touches and the right amount of product to your eyelids.
AUD 50.00

Hot Stuff Brush Set (S/3)

Complete your brush collection with these three brushes that will make your heart skip a beat!
With exquisite glittery sparkly liquid handles that move as you move your hand, and ultra-soft red fibers, all this goodness is packed in a sizzling red-hot box.
AUD 72.00

Lavish Elegance

Your makeup cannot be perfect without the right brushes to help you apply your products properly.
The Lavish Elegance 15 Piece Brush Set going to add luxury to your makeup. This set Contains brushes for the face and eyes.
The hair of the brushes is synthetic, and a beautiful bag holds those brushes in one place
AUD 71.00

Sculpt and Blend 10 piece brush set

Owning the best cosmetics cannot ensure you have the best results. The tools you use determine if your look is a success or not.
AUD 47.00

Sculpt and Blend 2 10 piece brush set

Achieve the best makeup results with this set of 10 professional brushes that will let you apply your products easily and effortlessly and with a remarkable outcome.
AUD 47.00
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