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15d Day Slayer Eyeshadow Palette

A day time of fun with 15 colors of warm eyeshadows, with browns, and oranges these colors are Creamy, blendable, and super pigmented
You can mix and match them to get the look you wish for whether it was for the day or the night.
Go ahead and buy this beauty, Slay them with your looks
9.00 (KWD)

15h Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette

A spectacular Eyeshadow palette with 15 astonishing colors and a big mirror to help you keep your looks intact.
The eyeshadows go from warm peaches to cool shimmery greys, these creamy, super pigmented and lush eyeshadows can mix and blend well to give you endless looks.
With this palette, every hour is a happy hour
(Finish: Matte and Shimmer)
9.00 (KWD)

35OS - 35 Color Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

Whenever you want to get your glow on, this eyeshadow palette is all that you need! With 35 shimmery colors from warm golden and bronze shades, fiery sunsets, and glowing highlight colors.
Net Wt. 56.2g / 1.98oz
10.00 (KWD)

39A Dare To Create Artistry Palette

These 39 super-pigmented shades create your ultimate color wheel.
Create some party magic with four rows of the perfect color combos and a row of super-sized transition shades.
Be your own muse, and inspire others with your look
To create a foiled metallic finish Dampen a Shadow Brush with the Setting Mist and load brush with your favorite metallic shade.
15.00 (KWD)

8w Warm Master Blush Palette

A blusher palette with 8 colors to choose from to create different looks.
The texture is creamy, and the colors are blendable with matte and shimmer and satin finishes.
For a soft look use a Domed brush, and swirl
For a bolder look use tapered brush
For a strong bold look use angled brush
Always Smile before you apply!
12.00 (KWD)

Armed & Gorgeous Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palette in an elegant compact with a big mirror on the inside
The palette contains 10 remarkable colors from icy white shimmer to matte turmeric gold, shimmery gold, and Glitzy gold plus matte green and matte orange tangerine et the sunshine on your eyelids
These colors come in matte and shimmery finishes, so you can build your look the way you wish, so get those brushes ready and start the new season with a new spectacular look
Bling rays of sun to your eyelids with these colors
Be Armed and Gorgeous
9.00 (KWD)
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