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Doll Me Up

You’ve always admired your doll's lashes when she opened and closed her eyes and never thought that one day you can have them, but now you can! With "Doll me up" mink fur lashes and their long-short pattern that is evenly distributed along the cotton band with hair lengths from 5- 15 mm, get that doll look and flutter your eyes as you wish.
11.00 (KWD)

Dream Girl

Rich full mink lashes with an invisible band and hairs with lengths from 8-14 MM they are lightweight, dense and fluffy. Looking like a dream girl is now a reality that is waiting for you, grab it.
11.00 (KWD)


Happiness might be a Serendipity waiting to happen, so give it a chance with these Full mink fur lashes layered in a natural way with an invisible band and various lengths from 6 to 11 Get these lashes for a no make up look.
11.00 (KWD)


As sinful as they look these mink lashes will give you the angelic look they are designed in V pattern across the invisible band with lengths reaching 13 mm, they are flared at the ends to give you that innocent look.
11.00 (KWD)

Whisp It Real Good

  Full mink Wispy lashes with multi-layers and an invisible band with alternating lengths from 6 to 12 mm and a crisscrossed pattern that will offer you a natural look.
11.00 (KWD)
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