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Vice Lipstick

Brand: Urban decay
Super creamy texture lipstick with nourishing and hydrating features all in this obsessive array of shades from radiant bold to dark tinge with Aloe Vera, jojoba, avocado, and babassu oils to ensure you have healthy breathtaking lips.
Available in 122 colors with High Shine, Matte, Satin, Metallic and Shimmer Finish.
Weight: 0.11 oz/ 3.4 g
This product is 100% cruelty-free

  • Caliente (Cream)
    Caliente (Cream)
  • Plague (Cream)
    Plague (Cream)
  • Heartache (Metallized)
    Heartache (Metallized)
  • Hideaway (Comfort Matte)
    Hideaway (Comfort Matte)
  • Roach (Cream)
    Roach (Cream)
  • Broadcast (Sheer)
    Broadcast (Sheer)
  • Accident (Metallized)
    Accident (Metallized)
  • Backseat (Cream)
    Backseat (Cream)
  • Love Drunk (Comfort Matte)
    Love Drunk (Comfort Matte)
  • Exhibition (Comfort Matte)
    Exhibition (Comfort Matte)
  • Backfire (Metallized)
    Backfire (Metallized)
  • Carnal (Comfort Matte)
    Carnal (Comfort Matte)
  • Crash (Mega Matte)
    Crash (Mega Matte)
  • Cruz (Cream)
    Cruz (Cream)
  • Double Team (Comfort Matte)
    Double Team (Comfort Matte)
  • Earthling (Sheer)
    Earthling (Sheer)
  • Oblivion (Mega Matte)
    Oblivion (Mega Matte)
  • Sabotage (Cream)
    Sabotage (Cream)
  • Safe Word (Comfort Matte)
    Safe Word (Comfort Matte)
  • Savage (Mega Matte)
    Savage (Mega Matte)
  • Speedball (Cream)
    Speedball (Cream)
  • Studded (Metalized)
    Studded (Metalized)
  • Tampered (Comfort Matte)
    Tampered (Comfort Matte)
  • Tantric (Sheer)
    Tantric (Sheer)
  • TMI (Sheer)
    TMI (Sheer)
  • Vanity Kills (Mega Matte)
    Vanity Kills (Mega Matte)
  • Whip (Sheer Shimmer)
    Whip (Sheer Shimmer)
  • Wildfire (Metalized)
    Wildfire (Metalized)
  • Wrath (Metalized)
    Wrath (Metalized)
  • Venom (Cream)
    Venom (Cream)
  • Seismic (Sheer Shimmer)
    Seismic (Sheer Shimmer)
  • Twitch (Cream)
    Twitch (Cream)
  • Moshpit (Cream)
    Moshpit (Cream)
  • Afterdark (Comfort Matte)
    Afterdark (Comfort Matte)
  • Jilted (Cream)
    Jilted (Cream)
  • Crank (Mega Matte) 2
    Crank (Mega Matte) 2
  • Firebird (Cream)
    Firebird (Cream)
  • Alpha (Mega Matte)
    Alpha (Mega Matte)
  • Psycho (Comfort Matte)
    Psycho (Comfort Matte)
  • Menace (Comfort Matte)
    Menace (Comfort Matte)
  • Anarchy (Cream)
    Anarchy (Cream)
  • Crush (Cream)
    Crush (Cream)
  • Frenemy (Cream)
    Frenemy (Cream)
  • Checkmate (Comfort Matte)
    Checkmate (Comfort Matte)
  • Big Bang (Metallized)
    Big Bang (Metallized)
  • PDA (Cream)
    PDA (Cream)
  • Sheer Anarchy (Sheer)
    Sheer Anarchy (Sheer)
  • Gash (Cream)
    Gash (Cream)
  • Mrs. Mia Wallace (Cream)
    Mrs. Mia Wallace (Cream)
  • Bad Blood (Comfort Matte)
    Bad Blood (Comfort Matte)
  • F - Bomb (Cream)
    F - Bomb (Cream)
  • Sancho (Metallized)
    Sancho (Metallized)
  • No-Tell Motel (Cream)
    No-Tell Motel (Cream)
  • 714 (Mega Matte)
    714 (Mega Matte)
  • Doubt (Comfort Matte)
    Doubt (Comfort Matte)
  • Sheer F-Bomb (Sheer)
    Sheer F-Bomb (Sheer)
  • Rock Steady (Cream)
    Rock Steady (Cream)
  • 69 (Cream)
    69 (Cream)
  • Spiderweb (Cream)
    Spiderweb (Cream)
  • Zealot (Metallized)
    Zealot (Metallized)
  • Cruel (Metallized)
    Cruel (Metallized)
  • Wonderland (Cream)
    Wonderland (Cream)
  • Tryst (Cream)
    Tryst (Cream)
  • Plaid (Sheer)
    Plaid (Sheer)
  • Temper (Comfort Matte)
    Temper (Comfort Matte)
  • Bang (Cream)
    Bang (Cream)
  • Tilt (Comfort Matte)
    Tilt (Comfort Matte)
  • Slowburn (Sheer)
    Slowburn (Sheer)
  • Manic (Cream)
    Manic (Cream)
  • Crisis (Cream)
    Crisis (Cream)
  • Hitch Hike (Comfort Matte)
    Hitch Hike (Comfort Matte)
  • Ladyflower (Sheer)
    Ladyflower (Sheer)
  • Rejected (Metallized)
    Rejected (Metallized)
  • Wrong Number (Sheer)
    Wrong Number (Sheer)
  • Blackmail (Comfort Matte)
    Blackmail (Comfort Matte)
  • Disturbed (Comfort Matte)
    Disturbed (Comfort Matte)
  • Shame (Cream)
    Shame (Cream)
  • Hex (Mega Matte)
    Hex (Mega Matte)
  • Sheer Shame (Sheer)
    Sheer Shame (Sheer)
  • EZ (Cream)
    EZ (Cream)
  • Wired (Cream)
    Wired (Cream)
  • Streak (Cream)
    Streak (Cream)
  • Snitch (Sheer)
    Snitch (Sheer)
  • Nighthawk (Cream)
    Nighthawk (Cream)
  • Backdoor (Metallized)
    Backdoor (Metallized)
  • 1993 (Comfort Matte)
    1993 (Comfort Matte)
  • Rapture (Cream)
    Rapture (Cream)
  • Rush (Cream)
    Rush (Cream)
  • Ravenswood (Cream)
    Ravenswood (Cream)
  • Violate (Cream)
    Violate (Cream)
  • Broken (Sheer Shimmer)
    Broken (Sheer Shimmer)
  • Sheer Rapture (Sheer)
    Sheer Rapture (Sheer)
  • Amulet (Metallized)
    Amulet (Metallized)
  • Peyote (Metallized)
    Peyote (Metallized)
  • Uptight (Comfort Matte)
    Uptight (Comfort Matte)
  • Morning After (Sheer)
    Morning After (Sheer)
  • Phone Call (Sheer)
    Phone Call (Sheer)
  • ZZ (Cream)
    ZZ (Cream)
  • Disobedient (Cream)
    Disobedient (Cream)
  • Obsessed (Sheer)
    Obsessed (Sheer)
  • Liar (Cream)
    Liar (Cream)
  • Naked (Cream)
    Naked (Cream)
  • Backtalk (Comfort Matte)
    Backtalk (Comfort Matte)
  • Trance (Metallized)
    Trance (Metallized)
  • Ex-Girlfriend (Sheer Shimmer)
    Ex-Girlfriend (Sheer Shimmer)
  • Weirdo (Cream)
    Weirdo (Cream)
  • Heartless (Comfort Matte)
    Heartless (Comfort Matte)
  • Brat (Sheer)
    Brat (Sheer)
  • Native (Cream)
    Native (Cream)
  • Sheer Liar (Sheer)
    Sheer Liar (Sheer)
  • Interrogate (Cream)
    Interrogate (Cream)
  • Criminal (Comfort Matte)
    Criminal (Comfort Matte)
  • Unicorn (Comfort Matte)
    Unicorn (Comfort Matte)
  • Lovelight (Sheer Shimmer)
    Lovelight (Sheer Shimmer)
  • Insanity (Cream)
    Insanity (Cream)
  • Stark Naked (Comfort Matte)
    Stark Naked (Comfort Matte)
  • Trick (Metallized)
    Trick (Metallized)
  • Barfly (Cream)
    Barfly (Cream)
  • Vanished (Sheer)
    Vanished (Sheer)
  • Walk Of Shame (Sheer Shimmer)
    Walk Of Shame (Sheer Shimmer)
  • Gubby (Metallized)
    Gubby (Metallized)
  • Notorious (Comfort Matte)
    Notorious (Comfort Matte)
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